Sequence of Programs

  Starboard- children are TWO by August 15, 2017

  Pre-K – children are THREE by August 15, 2017

   Jr-K – children are FIVE August 15, 2017



 In the Starboard class, the curriculum emphasizes the development of autonomy and positive social relationships. The High/Scope curriculum is implemented, with an emphasis on active learning. Children learn skills to help build independence and promote self-regulation. Intellectual development and physical development are also stressed by learning through play and hands-on experiences. Children have opportunities to explore the things in which they are interested whether the topic is bugs, shadows, trains, or floating and sinking. Activities include singing, rhyming, being read to, throwing and catching a ball, coloring and painting, gardening, patterning, discriminating visually, puzzles, threading beads, building with blocks, technology and self-help skills. Jewish values are incorporated daily, with Hebrew language, and include our weekly Shabbat celebration. Potty training is emphasized, with the goal of children toileting independently by age three.



Pre-K is a time of rapid growth and development in young children and social interaction plays a significant role.  In Pre-K there is a great range of opportunities for teaching social interaction skills that influence cognitive development. In Pre-K our primary focus is the development of social skills, independent self-help skills, pre-reading and math. The students learn essential expressive language and number skills through play and thoughtfully designed lessons that are hands-on. Pre-reading skills are encouraged through play and the Land of the Letter People curriculum. Also used in Pre-K is Handwriting Without Tears which gives children a tactile way to begin practicing their written language. Pre-K is also full of daily theme related activities that focus on creative arts, social studies, science, technology and Judaic topics. Jewish values are incorporated daily, with Hebrew language, and include our weekly Shabbat celebration.



The Jr-K program is designed to meet the needs of the four/five year old learner as he/she prepares to enter the world of structured classroom learning. We have a curriculum where students participate in a hands-on and engaging play-based approach to learning concepts and skills, as well as, further develop their curiosity, creativity, differing modes of communication, concentration, listening, negotiation and observation skills. Each child is encouraged to wonder, explore, and to discover, using their own unique learning style and interests. Language and early literacy skills, math and science concepts are incorporated into our weekly thematic units. Multiple methods are used for pre-reading instruction. The focus is on three of the pillars of pre-reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading comprehension. A fun way in which we teach language and literacy is through the Get Set for School Language and Literacy Kit. We also utilize the Get Set for School Numbers and Math Kit. The connection between reading and writing is emphasized and taught with the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. We approach our lessons with children through Jewish lenses. Our strong love and respect for Judaism are communicated through our actions, celebrations, intergenerational connections, traditions, and learning experiences. Beyond customs, rituals and holidays, we seek to imbue our classroom with a depth of Jewish values every day. Jewish values are incorporated daily, with Hebrew language, and include our weekly Shabbat celebration.